How Many Pieces Are Your Puzzles?

All our puzzles are 1,000 pieces and measure 19.25” x 26.625” (48.9 cm x 67.6 cm).

What’s the Quality Like?

All our puzzles will be made from thick blue puzzle board and will be printed in a linen textured finish for a really premium look and feel to each piece.

Also, all the pieces will be die-cut in a “random” shape pattern. We find this is more interesting and fun than traditional grid-shaped puzzles.

Fun fact: The die cutting pattern itself was hand designed from scratch by one of the few remaining master puzzle die makers in the world. He drew the design free-hand, folded and cut the metal pieces himself, assembled it and is now used on all our puzzles. How cool is that? We love old-world craftmanship and quality like that!

Where are These Made?

All our puzzles are made in North America.

Where Does the Art Come From?

Well you see, when an artist and an idea love each other very much…

Seriously though, we reach out to kick-ass artists and ask them if they’d like to create something unique just for our puzzles.

We take an “artists first” approach to the designs and often ask our artists if there is some special idea they’ve been looking for an excuse to dive into and then we give them that excuse!

We never ask artists to work on an idea they aren’t absolutely in love with and we never use licensing companies or re-purpose existing work.

This “from scratch” approach costs a lot more and takes a lot more time but we feel the extra love and attention that goes into our products is worth it!

I’m An Artist! Will You Work With Me?

Definitely maybe!

Send us an email at info@boneowl.com

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